Genesis 4:1-13.

Lesson 3 - Elementary

Memory Verse

"But he that hateth his brother is in darkness”   (I John 2:11).


Two Brothers

The two sons of Adam and Eve, born after they were driven out of the Garden of Eden, were called Cain and Abel. Abel was a keeper of sheep. Cain was a farmer. Evidently they knew that they should give offerings to God, for each of them brought one to God.

Cain's Offering

We read in the Bible that God saw Cain and his offering and was not pleased with it. When Cain saw that God was not pleased he became angry. God asked him why he was angry. He said that since Cain was angry, there must be some sin in his heart. God knows our hearts, and no doubt saw that Cain's heart did not have love enough in it to bring Him the right kind of offering. God wants us to do what we do for Him because we love Him.

Abel's Offering

When God saw Abel and his offering, God was pleased. Abel brought the very best lamb or sheep he had in his flock. He loved God so much that he gave Him the best he had. His heart was right, and God knew it.

Cain's Jealousy

No doubt Cain was jealous of his brother Abel when he saw that God was pleased with his offering, and not satisfied with Cain's. So he killed his brother Abel. When God asked Cain where Abel was, Cain lied and said he did not know. One sin, if not repented of, leads to another. First, Cain killed his brother and then he told a lie. Jealousy leads many people to do very wicked things. God tells us that we should be glad when our brother or sister gets something better than we do.


1. How did God know that Cain had killed Abel? [GEN:4:10].

2. Why was Cain angry? [GEN:4:5].

3. Why did Cain kill Abel? I [JHN:3:12].

4. How do we know that Cain was not saved?

* He was angry, [GEN:4:5].

* He killed, [GEN:4:8].

* He lied, [GEN:4:9].