Who are ye, who art His temple

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    Verse 1
    Who are ye, who art His temple
    The Lord we have expected
    The prophet has for long foretold
    And God brings His word to pass.

    Verse 2
    Those who have been redeemed shall sing
    And praise the Lord with one voice,
    In the arms of virgin mother
    Behold and see how He sleeps.

    Verse 3
    He it was that the elders served
    Before they died in the faith;
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Behold the king of glory

    Verse 4
    Jesus by being lifted up
    Thou hast borne all our sorrows,
    May we see Thy great salvation,
    Fulfil Thy promise to us.

    Verse 5
    Take us to see Thy great glory
    Up to a holy Father
    Thou the prince of our salvation
    May Thy goodwill be our wong.

    Verse 6
    Jesus, all glory be to Thee
    For Thy work of redemption
    With the Father and the Spirit
    O Lord God our creator.