Who are these like stars appearing,

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    Verse 1
    Who are these like stars appearing,
    These, before God's throne who stand?
    Each a golden crown is wearing,
    Who are all this glorious band?
    Hallelujah! hark, they sing,
    Praising loud their heavenly King.

    Verse 2
    Who are these of dazzling brightness,
    Clothed in God's own righteousness;
    These, whose robes of purest whiteness,
    Shall their lustre still possess,
    Still untouched by time's rude hand?
    Whence come all this glorious band?

    Verse 3
    These are they who have contended
    For their Saviour's honour long,
    Wrestling on till life was ended,
    Following not the sinful throng;
    These who well the fight sustained,
    Triumph by the Lamb have gained.

    Verse 4
    These are they whose hearts were riven,
    Sore with woe and anguish tried,
    Who in prayer full oft have striven
    With the God they glorified;
    Now, their painful conflict o'er,
    God has bid them weep no more.

    Verse 5
    These are they who watched and waited,
    Offering up to Christ their will;
    Soul and body consecrated,
    Day and night to serve Him still;
    Now in God's most holy place
    Blest they stand before His face.