When Jesus to heav'n ascended

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    When Jesus to heav'n ascended
    In vict'ry over all His foes
    He gave rich gifts unto all men
    His goodness was proclaimed abroad

    Verse 2
    Through them we had the Apostles
    Their pure lives far outshines all fame
    Such like them are humble people
    As pastors, priests and as teachers

    Verse 3
    Christ is the good source of their gifts
    He is their very life and grace
    As He upholds them by His hand
    They stand, unmoved, in afflictions

    Verse 4
    Their generations shall not cease
    Until the world comes to an end
    Through them new bodies will be formed
    And shall continue to expand

    Verse 5
    Jesus, grant that our hearts may know
    The source from where these blessings flow
    That the church and pastor praise Thee
    For ever, till the world without end