There is a path that leads to God,

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    Verse 1
    There is a path that leads to God,
    All others go astray;
    Narrow but pleasant is the road,
    And Christians love the way.

    Verse 2
    It leads straight through this world of sin,
    And dangers must be passed;
    But those who bodly walk therein
    Will get to heaven at last.

    Verse 3
    How shall an infant pilgrim dare
    This dangerous path to tread?
    For on the way is many a snare
    For youthful travellers spread.

    Verse 4
    While the broad road, where thousands go,
    Lies near and opens fair;
    And many turn aside, I know,
    To walk with sinners there.

    Verse 5
    But lest my feeble steps should slide,
    Or wander from Thy way,
    Lord, condescend to be my guide,
    And I shall never stray.

    Verse 6
    Then I may go without alarm,
    And trust His word of old,
    `The lambs, He'll gather with His arm,
    And lead them to the fold.`

    Verse 7
    Thus I may safely venture through
    Beneath my Shepherd's care;
    And keep the gate of heaven in view,
    Till I shall enter there.