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    “It is I;  be not afraid”  (John 6:20).

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    Our Holy God
    When the people saw the lightning, and the smoke, and heard the thunder, they knew that God was on the mountain. Moses told them they did not need to be afraid if they obeyed what God had told them. They were afraid to have God speak to them, so they asked Moses to speak to them.

    God’s Voice
    God spoke from the mountain in a voice that could easily be heard by the people. He told them that He was their Lord God Who had brought them out of Egypt, and had taken such good care of them all the way. He wanted them to know that they could still trust Him and obey Him.

    God’s Commandments
    God told the people some of the things we should do for Him, and some things we should do for others.

    He said that we should love God more than anyone else.

    * He said that we must not worship idols.
    * We must not swear.
    * We must keep God’s day holy.
    * We must honour and obey our parents.
    * We must not kill anyone.
    * We must not steal
    * We must not lie.
    * We must not want what belongs to others.

    The Tables of Stones
    God called Moses up to Him in the mountain and gave him the tables of stone upon which He had written the commandments. Moses was up in the mountain forty days, and God told him many things He wanted His people to know and do.


    1. Who gave Moses the Ten Commandments? [Exodus:20:1].
    2. Were the people afraid when God spoke from the mountain? [Exodus:20:18].
    3. What did the people say to Moses after God finished speaking? [Exodus:20:19].
    4. How does God speak to us today? [Hebrews:1:1-2]; [Psalms:119:105].
    5. Commit to memory: [Exodus:20:3] and [Exodus:20:12].