Sinners, obey the gospel word;

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    Verse 1
    Sinners, obey the gospel word;
    Haste to the supper of the Lord!
    Be wise to know your gracious day;
    All things are ready, come away!

    Verse 2
    Ready the Father is to own
    And kiss His late-returning son;
    Ready your loving Saviour stands,
    And spreads for you His bleeding hands.

    Verse 3
    Ready the Spirit of His love
    Just now the hardness to remove,
    To apply, and witness with the blood,
    And wash and seal the sons of God.

    Verse 4
    Ready for you the angels wait,
    To triumph in your blest estate;
    Tuning their harps, they long to praise
    The wonders of redeeming grace.

    Verse 5
    The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
    Is ready, with the shining host;
    All heaven is ready to resound:
    The dead's alive, the lost is found!