`Servant of God, well done

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    Verse 1
    `Servant of God, well done
    From all your labours, rest;
    Thou has fought and Thou has triumphed
    Enter Thy Master's joy,`
    The call came in the night,
    He raised himself to hear,
    The arrow of death entered in,
    He fell, but did not fear.

    Verse 2
    The midnight cry went forth,
    `Arise to meet Thy God`
    He woke, and saw his commander,
    Through prayer and in faith
    His soul rose up at once,
    Left this body of clay;
    When morn broke, this body of clay
    Was found lying down dead.

    Verse 3
    The pangs of death is past,
    Cares and distress are o'er,
    The days of fighting are all gone,
    His heart has found real peace;
    Soldiers of Christ, `well done`
    Keep singing songs of joy;
    Take thy rest in Thy Saviour's breast,
    And rest eternally.