Our God who art in heav'n

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    Verse 1
    Our God who art in heav'n
    Who in only six days
    Created everything on earth
    And rested on the seventh.

    Verse 2
    It is Thy strict command
    To hallow the seventh day,
    But for those who will not obey
    Thine anger will wax hot.

    Verse 3
    Each ancestor of ours
    In darkness of sin died
    They were die-hard idolaters
    Without knowing the law.

    Verse 4
    Here we come Jesus Lord,
    Following thy command
    After our six days of labour,
    Gathered to do Thy will.

    Verse 5
    Day of rest is holy,
    We ought to rest in it
    Assembled are we in Thy house,
    To hear Thy Holy word.

    Verse 6
    There is still one great rest
    For Thy people Oh Lord
    O Jesus Lord, Thou blessed Son
    Lead us unto Thy rest.