O Saviour Christ, come down to me

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    Verse 1
    O Saviour Christ, come down to me
    Help me, O Lord, with grace divine
    Oh expel the love of the world
    In me, prepare a place for Thee.

    Verse 2
    Fill Thou my spirit with Thyself
    And make me free, yes, free indeed
    I long not after other things
    Except Thee, Lord both day and night.

    Verse 3
    As long as I am here on earth
    I desire no other good thing
    I will bid farewell to the world
    It's deceits, fantacies and dreams.

    Verse 4
    The way that my blest Saviour trod
    With all haste, I will seek and find
    Neither will my heart crave to know
    Any love, but my Saviour's love.

    Verse 5
    From henceforth, let not the pleasure
    Of life have a place in my heart
    Make it all Thine for it's Thine own
    It is Thy plan, my heart to rule.

    Verse 6
    Worldly pleasure, riches, honour
    Other things the world can afford
    I loathe its ensnaring deceits
    Christ only will my heart worship.

    Verse 7
    Thou, only Thou I choose to love
    From the very depths of my heart
    What other joy surpasses this
    That Thou accepts me as Thine own.

    Verse 8
    There's naught I desire or long for
    But that Thy love take possession
    This, only this, my earnest plea
    All other things I count as dung.