O lord hide not your face from him

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    Verse 1
    O lord hide not your face from him
    Who lies down penitently,
    Who is shedding tears for his sins
    There, before Thy mercy seat.

    Verse 2
    Enter not to judgement with me
    How much my sins may have been
    Because I know this for certain
    I am guilty before Thee.

    Verse 3
    You know everything about me
    Before I confessed them all
    Even the sins I now commit
    Nothing is hid from Thy sight.

    Verse 4
    I make no vain repetitions
    You know what my heart longs for
    Before I ask, you have known it
    I need mercy plenteously.

    Verse 5
    Mercy, Lord is what I plead for
    Mercy is my greatest need
    Therefore, Lord, I need Thy mercy
    Grant that I be not denied.