O day of rest and gladness,

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    O day of rest and gladness,
    O day of joy and light,
    O balm of care and sadness,
    Most beautiful, most bright;
    On Thee, the high and lowly,
    Through ages joined in tune,
    Sing Holy, Holy, Holy,
    To God the great Triune.

    Verse 2
    On Thee, at the Creation,
    The light first had its birth;
    On Thee, for our salvation,
    CHRIST rose from depths of earth;
    On Thee, our LORD victorious,
    The SPIRIT sent from Heaven;
    And thus on Thee, most glorious,
    A triple light was given.

    Verse 3
    Thou art a port, protected
    From storms that round us rise;
    A garden, intersected
    With streams of Paradise;
    Thou art a cooling fountain
    In life's dry, dreary sand;
    From thee, like Pisgah's mountain,
    We view our Promised Land.

    Verse 4
    Today on weary nations
    The heavenly manna falls;
    To holy convocations
    The silver trumpet calls,
    Where Gospel-light is glowing
    With pure and radiant beams,
    And living water flowing,
    With soul refreshing streams.

    Verse 5
    May we, new graces gaining
    From this our day of rest,
    Attain the rest remaining
    To spirits of the blest;
    And there, our voice upraising
    To FATHER, and to SON;
    And HOLY GHOST, be praising
    The blessed THREE IN ONE.