O Almighty, use Thy rod

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    Verse 1
    O Almighty, use Thy rod
    To touch thou my head gently,
    Make Thou Thine anger to cease,
    Let me not fall under it.

    Verse 2
    Heal Thou my infirmity
    Look on me, I seek Thy grace;
    This alone, my only plea
    Look on me in Thy mercy.

    Verse 3
    Who is it, deep in the grave
    Who can talk of deliverance?
    O Lord, sustain Thou my soul,
    Utter Thy voice, I will live.

    Verse 4
    Look! He comes, He heard my plea,
    Here He comes, and shadows flee!
    What glory surrounds me now!
    O my soul, arise, and sing.