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[Luke:2:33-35], [Luke:2:40-52]; [John:19:25-27].

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“Love  one  another,  as  I  have  loved  you” (John 15:12).


Christian Mothers
Once again we have come to the day which is set aside to honour our mothers. The name “Mother” is very dear to all of us. She is the one who kisses the little hurt fingers; all day long she works hard for her family; at night she tenderly tucks the covers around her little ones as she puts them to bed. If she is a Christian, she reads the Bible and prays with her children every day. She takes time to do this for she knows that it is very important that her children learn about Jesus.

In our lesson today we shall learn about the greatest mother who ever lived. Her name was Mary, and she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus Christ. She was pure and holy, and God the Father in Heaven knew that she would be a good mother, or He would not have sent the baby Jesus to her. One day God sent an angel named Gabriel from Heaven to the city of Nazareth [Luke:1:26-27]). The angel visited Mary and Joseph and told them that Jesus would be born. Mary was frightened by the angel, but Gabriel said, “Fear not, Mary.” Then Mary was no longer afraid but was very, very happy.

At Christmastime we read about the birth of Jesus. There was the angel who told the shepherds that Jesus was born; and the many angels who sang to the shepherds. The wise men who came from the East to see the Baby brought gifts to the newborn King and worshiped Him.

Joseph and Mary were poor, but they gave their son, Jesus, the best they had. When He was still a little Baby, His mother Mary, and Joseph, took Him to church. An old man named Simeon knew that this baby should someday be the Saviour of the world. He knew, too, that one day He must die on the cross, that he should rise again from the dead, and go up to Heaven. He wanted to hold the baby, so he took Him up in his arms and prayed. Mary and Joseph marvelled at what he said. Then Simeon told Mary that someday she would be very sad – no doubt he was thinking of the day Jesus should die on the cross.

Jesus’ Boyhood
Jesus obeyed His mother and father just as boys and girls do today if they are truly saved. His mother was kind to Him, and she did not forget all the things He did which showed her that He was a wonderful Child. She kept many things hidden away in her heart as Jesus grew stronger and wiser day by day.

Once a year the parents of Jesus went to Jerusalem. When Jesus was twelve years of age he went on one of these journeys with His parents. Perhaps it was His first trip out of the quiet little mountain village into the great wide world. No doubt His mother had told Him about the Holy City of Jerusalem from the time He was a tiny lad.

Many of the other village people went, too. And what an exciting time it was! Lunches had to be packed for the long journey of nearly seventy miles. At last they were ready to start. The Boy Jesus, no doubt, joined the other children as they walked and played along the trail. The fathers probably walked, while the mothers and little children rode on donkeys. The morning hours passed by and soon the sun became very hot. How happy the people were when it was time to stop and eat the lunch they had brought! Soon they were on their way again. Around the hills and through the valleys they passed. At night they lay down to sleep under the stars, and we are sure that God the Father in Heaven watched over them as they slept.

One morning the travellers reached the end of their long journey. They arrived at the Holy City where the beautiful Temple was. The mother and father of Jesus had come to Jerusalem to go to church and worship God, and Jesus also had some important work to do. In fact, Jesus was so busy working for His Heavenly Father that when the time came to go He stayed behind. His parents travelled a whole day before they missed their little Boy. They thought He was with the others, but when they did not find Him anywhere they hurried back to Jerusalem and looked for Him. After searching for three days, they found Him in the Temple, the Jews’ church, among older men. He was listening to them and asking them questions. His mother told Him that she and His father had searched for Him and were very sad when they could not find Him. But Jesus told His parents that He was busy working for His Heavenly Father. Just think! only twelve years of age and busy working for God. Then Jesus left the men in the Temple and returned to Nazareth with His parents. There Jesus lived with His father and mother for many years. His father was a carpenter, and no doubt Jesus helped in the carpenter shop. We are sure that His parents were good and kind and that Jesus was a good and obedient Boy.

Later Jesus began working many miracles. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and walked on the water. His mother saw that He was a wonderful Son.

At the Cross
Then came the sad day when Jesus was placed upon the cross to die so that people might be saved. Mary was there at the cross. Oh, how she loved her Son! She was near Him while He suffered so much. Jesus looked down from the cross at His dear mother. Although Jesus was suffering very much, He thought of His mother and wanted her to be cared for. John, a friend of Jesus, was also there; and Jesus said to His mother, “Behold thy son!” And to John He said, “Behold thy mother!” Then John took Jesus’ mother home with him, and we are sure that he treated her kindly. Jesus did not want his mother to be left alone when He was gone, and He knew that John would be a great comfort to her at this sad time.

We know that Jesus was placed in the grave, but arose again the third day. What a wonderful Jesus! Not so very long after He rose from the grave He went away to Heaven. He stepped upon a cloud – perhaps it was a beautiful big white cloud – and was taken up to be with God.

In the Upper Room
Although the mother of Jesus must have been sad when Jesus went away, she obeyed His words and went back to Jerusalem. There in a room upstairs in a house she waited with the other friends of Jesus for the Comforter. Her heart was clean and pure, for she was saved and sanctified. The Holy Ghost was sent to those people there, and we are sure that Mary was made very, very happy that wonderful day. She no doubt looked forward to someday going to Heaven, too, and seeing Jesus again – her Saviour and Redeemer.

Modern Mothers
Unlike the old-fashioned Christian mothers of long, long ago, many mothers today are neglecting the soul of their children. They think only of their other needs – food, clothing, and education. A mother was once asked how she was bringing up her children. She replied, “Very well: on Monday they go to the Scouts; Tuesday, music; Wednesday, dancing school; Thursday, elocution; Friday, singing; Saturday, the movies; and when convenient I take them to Sunday School on Sunday.” “May I ask,” said the visitor, “what are you doing for their souls?” “For their souls”, she said laughingly, “what a quaint idea!” This mother did not seem to realize that the most important thing in her children’s life was to learn to love and serve God. To lead her children to know and love Jesus and train them in the Christian way of life is a mother’s very first duty.

Early in Life
One way in which a mother shows her love for her children is by teaching them about Jesus while they are very young. The greatest joy that can come to a mother is seeing her boys and girls saved. How much every boy and girl should thank God for mothers and fathers who do all they can to help their children find Jesus while they are young! Two ministers recently talked to a family of seven – a father, mother, and five sons. As they told the family about Jesus, the boys became interested and might have given their hearts to God then and there. But the mother said that her sons should wait until they were older. Just think, their mother wanted them to wait! Jesus said children should remember Him when they are young.

It is never too soon to begin seeking God, loving Him, and working for Him. We are thankful for our mothers who realized that their children would be happy if they were saved at a young age. Every saved girl or boy has a lifetime in which to live for Jesus and work for Him.


1. Did Jesus obey His mother? [Luke:2:51].
2. Should we obey our mother? [Colossians:3:20].
3. Where did Jesus go when He was twelve years old? [Luke:2:42].
4. Tell what happened on the way home. [Luke:2:43-49].
5. What are we promised if we honour our parents? [Ephesians:6:2-3].