The Lord's own hallowed day of rest

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    The Lord's own hallowed day of rest
    O day most beautiful and bright;
    A day given to us by God
    For us, a day to rest therein.

    Verse 2
    Six days He provided for us
    To do all that we have to do;
    The seventh day He set aside,
    It is God's hallowed day of rest.

    Verse 3
    Let us forsake our vain pursuits
    Our daily duties for six days,
    Our work today, let hallowed be,
    Because the day belongs to God.

    Verse 4
    Strength from above enerves us well
    For service in the house of God;
    Let us sing a joyful anthem,
    On the Lord's day, this early morn.

    Verse 5
    Very early in the morning
    On the Lord's hallowed day of rest
    Let us raise a joyful chorus
    And let us lift our hearts to pray.