Lord, to whom except to Thee

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    Verse 1
    Lord, to whom except to Thee
    Shall our wandering spirits go;
    Thee Whom it is light to see,
    And Eternal Life to know?
    Awful is that Life to Thine
    Which the Spirit's Breath inspires;
    And the Food must be Divine
    Which each new-born soul desires.

    Verse 2
    Israel on Heavenly seed
    Fed and died in days of yore:
    But the souls, that on Thee feed,
    Never thirst nor hunger more.
    Lord, to whom except to Thee
    Shall we go when ills betide?
    Who except Thyself can be
    Hope and help and strength and guide?

    Verse 3
    Who can cleanse the soul from sin,.
    Hear the prayer, and seal the vow?
    Who can fill the void within,
    Blessed Saviour, who but Thou?
    Therefore evermore I'll give
    Laud and praise, my God, to Thee:
    Evermore in Thee I live,
    Evermore live Thou in me.