Lord, Thy Word abideth,

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    Verse 1
    Lord, Thy Word abideth,
    And our footsteps guideth;
    Who its truth believeth
    Light and joy receiveth.

    Verse 2
    When our foes are near us,
    Then Thy word doth cheer us,
    Word of consolation,
    Message of salvation.

    Verse 3
    When the storms are o'er us,
    And dark clouds before us,
    Then its light directeth,
    And our way protecteth.

    Verse 4
    Who can tell the pleasure,
    Who recount the treasure,
    By Thy word imparted
    To the simple-hearted?

    Verse 5
    Word of mercy, giving
    Succour to the living;
    Word of life, supplying
    Comfort to the dying!

    Verse 6
    O that we, discerning,
    Its most holy learning,
    Lord, may love and fear Thee,
    Evermore be near Thee!