Lord in this Thy mercy's day,

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    Verse 1
    Lord in this Thy mercy's day,
    Ere the time shall pass away,
    On our knees we fall and pray.

    Verse 2
    Holy Jesus, grant us tears,
    Fill us with heart-searching fears
    Ere the hour of doom appears.

    Verse 3
    Lord on us Thy Spirit pour,
    Kneeling lowly at Thy door,
    Ere it close for evermore

    Verse 4
    By Thy night of agony,
    By Thy supplicating cry,
    By Thy willingness to die.

    Verse 5
    By Thy tears of bitter woe,
    For Jerusalem below,
    Let us not Thy love forgo.

    Verse 6
    Judge and Saviour of our race
    When we see Thee face to face,
    Grant us 'neath Thy wings a place.

    Verse 7
    On Thy love we rest alone,
    And that love will then be known
    By the pardon'd round Thy throne.