Lord Jesus Saviour of the world

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    Verse 1
    Lord Jesus Saviour of the world
    Thy blessings we implore
    An open door and effectual
    For preaching of Thy word.

    Verse 2
    Bring back those who are lost in sin
    Rescue them from their foe
    Accept them back into the fold
    On this Thy mercy day.

    Verse 3
    Lover of souls! Thou knowest the
    Value of souls Thou bought;
    The wounds on Thy body received:
    Reveal Thyself to them.

    Verse 4
    Dear Lord, make soft their hearts of stone
    Thou who didst die for man
    Show us the earnest of Thy love
    Thy hand, Thy feet, Thy side.

    Verse 5
    Thy feet were nailed to the cross tree
    To step down on their sins
    Thy hands were both outstretched to save
    Those who crucified Thee.

    Verse 6
    Thy riven side, a fountain is
    Where all men can partake
    And drink of the living water
    And wash their sins away.

    Verse 7
    Thy blood Thou gave as witness of
    The truth of Thy pure word
    Thy wounds proclaim to all sinners
    I suffered this for you.