It is not meet for Saints to fear

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    Verse 1
    It is not meet for Saints to fear
    Nor for them to despair,
    For when they least expect His help;
    The Saviour will appear.

    Verse 2
    When Abraham took up his knife
    God's voice said to him, `stop`
    The yonder ram caught by the horn
    Shall substitute thy son.

    Verse 3
    When Jonah sank beneath the waves
    No hope of escape near
    God sent a fish that swallowed him
    And brought him to the shore.

    Verse 4
    With such great might and love as this
    Abounding in His word;
    I pray to bring my anxious cares
    And leave them all to Him.

    Verse 5
    Lift up your eyes and wait His help
    It may be long but wait;
    Though the promise may tarry long,
    It soon shall come to pass.