Holy Spirit come down

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    Holy Spirit come down
    On this Thy day of rest
    Without Thee our worship is vain,
    And empty is our prayers.

    Verse 2
    Our singing will be cold
    Our preaching will be vain
    Unprofitable our gathering,
    Except if Thou be there.

    Verse 3
    Great Messenger from Heaven
    Who knows Thy beginning
    Talk Thou to us by Thy ownself
    Through this Thy servant here

    Verse 4
    Teach us how to seek Thee
    For all of our requests
    With groanings that can't be uttered
    Take to Jesus our prayers.

    Verse 5
    Through Thy gracious leading
    We hope for Thy mercy
    Our service will be blessed indeed
    If Thou be with us here.