Hear the voice from heaven saying

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    Verse 1
    Hear the voice from heaven saying
    To Jesus, in River Jordan
    A witness is to all the world
    `This is my own beloved Son.`

    Verse 2
    Without sin is He and perfect
    But to fulfil all righteousness
    Of baptism in the water
    He made Himself an example.

    Verse 3
    Son of the Father's own bosom
    Is Salvation for all mankind
    The source of life for the sinner
    Jordan, brought near to Calvary.

    Verse 4
    Come, thou, follow now Thy Saviour
    Obey the command, be baptised
    Example of death with Jesus
    And the ressurection with Him.

    Verse 5
    Come, do not be curious to know
    A secret which the Lord would keep
    Put obedience first and at last
    The result will then be revealed.