Hallowed Day and Holy

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    Verse 1
    Hallowed Day and Holy
    Thou holy day of rest
    We ought to give one full day
    To God, the good and kind
    Other days bring the tear drops
    Thou wipes the tears away
    Thou art a day of gladness
    I love thy happy morn.

    Verse 2
    Hallowed Day and Holy
    There is no work today
    We will suspend our labour
    Until tomorrow's day
    How beautiful and how bright
    Thou blessed day of rest
    Other days speak of troubles
    But thou give hope of rest.

    Verse 3
    Hallowed Day and Holy
    Hear how the church bell says
    Give one day to thy Maker
    Who gave to you six days.
    We shall take leave of labour
    To go and worship there
    Both we and all our dear friends
    On to the house of prayer.

    Hallowed Day and Holy
    Thy hour delight me so
    A taste of heaven you give us
    Like that eternal rest
    Lord, let me be partaker
    Of rest beyond the grave
    To sing and serve thee ever
    With all thy saints above.