Go and tell of the glad tidings,

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    Verse 1
    Go and tell of the glad tidings,
    Make all the world to hear the news
    Who hears and believes shall be saved
    Those who refuse shall be condemned

    Verse 2
    I'll reveal to you great mysteries,
    Ye shalll show forth my word of truth
    In all the works that I have done
    And the miracles ye shall do

    Verse 3
    Go, heal the sick and raise the dead,
    In my great name cast out demons,
    Let not my prophet ever fear,
    Though Jews and Gentiles should deride

    Verse 4
    Teach all the world my commandments
    And lo, I am with you alway;
    To me belong all power and might
    I can kill and can make alive

    Verse 5
    A light encircled Him around;
    He ascended in great glory,
    The news was proclaimed far and near
    The ascension of our Saviour