Faithful Shepherd, feed me

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    Verse 1
    Faithful Shepherd, feed me
    In the pastures green;
    Faithful Shepherd, lead me
    Where Thy steps are seen.

    Verse 2
    Hold me fast, and guide me
    In the narrow way;
    So, with Thee beside me,
    I shall never stray.

    Verse 3
    Daily bring me nearer
    To the Heavenly shore;
    May Thy love grow dearer,
    May I love Thee more.

    Verse 4
    Give me joy or sadness,
    This be all my care,
    That Eternal gladness
    I with Thee may share.

    Verse 5
    Day by day prepare me,
    As Thou seest best,
    Then let angels bear me
    To Thy promised rest.