Come, let us join our friends above

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    Verse 1
    Come, let us join our friends above
    That have obtained the prize,
    And on the eagle wings of love
    To joys celestial rise.

    Verse 2
    Let all the saints terrestrial sing,
    With those to glory gone;
    For all the servants of our King,
    In earth and heaven, are one.

    Verse 3
    One family we dwell in Him,
    One Church, above, beneath,
    Though now divided by the stream,
    The narrow stream of death.

    Verse 4
    One army of the living God,
    To His command we bow;
    Part of His host have crossed the flood,
    And part are crossing now.

    Verse 5
    Our spirits too quickly join,
    Like theirs with glory crowned,
    And shout to see our Captain's sign,
    To hear His trumpet sound.

    Verse 6
    O Jesus, be our guard and guide,
    And when the word is given,
    Come, Lord of hosts, the waves divide,
    And land us safe in heaven.