Be with us, gracious Lord, today;

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    Be with us, gracious Lord, today;
    This house we dedicate to Thee;
    O hear Thy servants as they pray,
    And let Thine ear attentive be!

    Verse 2
    Within these walls let holy peace,
    Let love and truth be always found;
    May burdened hearts and sweet release,
    And souls with richest grace be crowned.

    Verse 3
    May here be heard the suppliant's sigh,
    The weary enter into rest;
    Here may the contrite to Thee cry,
    And waiting souls be richly blessed.

    Verse 4
    Here, when the gospel sound is heard,
    And here proclaimed the saving name,
    May hearts be quickened, moved and stirred,
    And souls be kindled into flame.

    Verse 5
    Here may the dead be made to live,
    The dumb to sing, the deaf to hear;
    And do Thou to the humble give
    Pardon and peace instead of fear.

    Verse 6
    Make this, O Lord, Thine own abode;
    Thy presence in these courts be given;
    Be this, indeed, the house of God,
    And this in truth the gate of Heaven.