After six days that He has worked

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    Verse 1
    After six days that He has worked
    He rested on the seventh day;
    He commanded us to do the same
    And keep that day, hallowed for Him.

    Verse 2
    We want to fulfil that command
    In this Thy holy house today;
    As long as we are here today
    Let us know that Thou art here too.

    Verse 3
    As we open Thy holy book
    Let us read with humility,
    Let us know that Thou speaks to us
    And let us listen to Thy word.

    Verse 4
    Show us the meaning by Thyself,
    We are so simple and unwise;
    Thy words are very deep indeed
    And our understanding is small.

    Verse 5
    Come and be with all our teachers,
    Annoint them with Thy Holy Ghost
    Give them the understanding, Lord
    However deep Thy word may be.

    Verse 6
    And when we shall depart this place
    Please, Lord, be with us on our way,
    That we may keep remembering Thee
    Until another Sunday School.